Happy New Year Spinning Families!

We wish you all a wonderful 2019.  January has traditionally been a time of goal setting and resolutions.  This is no different at Spinning.  Each of our classrooms have specific goals for their grade level, class and individual students.   Please speak with your students about their learning goals and what supports they need to accomplish them.  Research has shown that the activities done at home, strengthen student growth.  The most powerful home-activities that families can do to support their children are:

·       Talking with your child, particularly about school and their learning goals

·       Writing the goals down together and placing them in a visible spot in the house

·       Helping your child develop positive attitudes towards learning and strong work habits

·       Reading to and with your child

As we begin this New Year, our focus will be on growth and accomplishments as well as revisiting our expectations as learners and citizens.